Garment Refurb

Garment Refurb

Caring for Garments, and for the Environment

When it comes to garment refurb, our state‐of‐the art facility helps us provide a best‐in‐class service.

Our warehouse, Orion, is purpose-built to facilitate a smooth returns process. Our innovative garment‐handling technology includes a pioneering Ozone chamber which is capable of killing bacteria and viruses, allowing for garment sanitisation and removal of odours while still retaining new garment status.

Add other stations such as dry‐cleaning, laundry, trouser line and shirt press into the mix and you'll see that every garment we process receives the attention to detail it deserves before being meticulously quality‐checked.

Our steam tunnel and garment bagging capacity of 1,500 items per hour allows for containers to be de‐stuffed and garments to be completely refreshed.

Our automated picking solution allows us to pick 5,000 items per hours and we currently have the capacity to store 500,000 hanging items, plus in excess of a million flat‐packed accessories.

It really is an impressive set‐up. Why not come and see it for yourself?