Role of Innovation within ACS

Innovation is core to our business strategy. We always seek to find better ways of working. We have adopted many innovative ideas into day to day operations that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the way we deliver our services to customers. Our track record of innovation and change spans from the implementation of good innovative ad-hoc ideas from staff all the way through to formal innovation projects.

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ACS’s innovation approach seeks to improve performance against our core goals of the environment, safety, customer service, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

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Spotlight on Textile Sanitisation

Working with Dr Mohammed Yaseen from the University of the West of Scotland, we have researched and designed an Automated Chamber which will sanitise garments on arriving at our processing plant using the environmentally friendly Ozone Gas.

Ozone has proven to be highly effective in killing bacteria, fungi, and moulds and inactivating viruses such as COVID, both on the surfaces and suspended in the air.

Dr Yaseen and his team have undertaken ground breaking research on behalf of ACS resulting in 3-papers being published so far and we have a patent pending.

The establishment of this sanitisation capability at our plant will open up the market; create significant growth in turnover and increasing staff numbers whilst providing consumer confidence – turning a weakness into a strength.

Mohammed, his team and ACS are now turning their attention to the use of nanotechnology in santisation