Achieving Carbon Neutrality is a huge milestone in our journey towards net-zero by 2025.

By calculating our scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions across all areas of business, we have been able to visualise the progress we have made so far and understand the steps we must take next to create a just and sustainable future for the next generations. 

ACS Carbon Report

We envision a future where brands and retailers embrace circular fashion, like rental and resale, to decouple economic growth from the extraction of natural resources. Circular fashion encourages extended use of garments and minimises the environmental challenges caused by overproduction of textiles.

We’re closing the loop on fashion

From Linear

To circular


of annual GHG emissions are emitted by the fashion industry

worth of clothing sits in UK wardrobes unworn

tonnes of clothing in the UK goes to landfill each year


of consumers consider sustainable materials to be a factor in purchasing a fashion item.

(USD) is the predicted net worth of the resale market by 2025


of consumers are interested in investing in circular fashion like rental and resale