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With the integration of  our advanced API links we receive the order directly once it’s placed on your site. Where we will be notified when it’s due onsite.

The customer will pack the order, which will then be collected by one of your preferred couriers and make its way to our circular fashion hub for induction. Items will be unloaded and taken to our Resale department.


Once we have the item it will be received onto the system, where our Resale department will inspect it closely, looking for any marks in the material, faults, or damage.

The items will then be inspected a second time and graded into a category of:

  • New with Tags
  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Gently Loved.

With all the thorough checks complete the details are then digitized.


Items undergo close inspection where all stains and discolouring are removed and sanitised. If necessary, the required sewing repairs will be done to bring the item to full grade A refurbishment.

We take great care to ensure the highest quality of repairs are being undertaken. Depending on the item, it will receive the appropriate repairs as we can cater for accessories, garments, shoes, and trainers.


Items are photographed in our fully equipped on-site photo studio, where our photographer will take a set of images as detailed by your brand guidelines.

Depending on what is required for each product, we ensure the highest quality images will be uploaded to your website with the corresponding  SKU and a detailed item description of the item.


We have to capacity to hold 65,000 items.

Each item is wrapped in a recycled plastibag in order to keep them fresh and dust free whilst awaiting purchase.


A notification will come through to our warehouse team where the item is registered as sold on our database.

We then go to your designated area of our circular fashion hub to locate the item, where it will be packed, and placed neatly inside the packaging of your choice.

(With items that require specific instructions, our team are fully equipped to follow your preference to how it is packed.)


Sustainability is evolving, with heavy consideration on an item’s true end of life.

Once an item has been rejected during our quality assessment. We work with you to decide on your chosen route.

ACS collaborates with industry leaders to ensure we have the best renewal solutions possible.

We are circular and do not send anything to landfills.


Our circular fashion hub is surrounded by an innovative biodiversity bubble that utilises rainwater to wash our garments.

Everything on site is recycled and we minimise our waste in everything we do.

We use expert technology such as our state-of-the-art ozone chamber and microplastic filters in our washing machines.

Join the RESALE Revolution

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We partner up with best in class warehousing resale solutions across the globe to offer brands/retailers a worldwide and integrated resale service. ACS has been a fantastic operational partner for our UK market and we look forward to on-boarding together more retailers and brands, transitioning them to a circular model.

– Stephanie Crespin, CEO of Reflaunt