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For 25 years ACS have specialised in rental fulfilment and clothing renewal. Since launching in 1997, our business has evolved and expanded and our operations, expertise, and passion for what we do remains the same.

After defining and perfecting our innovative and scalable fulfilment solution for the traditional men’s formal hire market, we then expanded new markets within the fashion industry and are proud to enable the shift towards access over ownership.

We aspire to transform the fashion industry from the traditional linear take-make-dispose model, towards a circular fashion model that extends the life of existing textiles and diverts clothing from landfill. To achieve this, we enable brands and retailers to introduce a rental or resale model alongside their existing ecommerce model.

We believe the shift towards circularity needn’t be complicated. Therefore we have designed a flexible step-by-step onboarding process that enables fashion brands to join the circular economy. Our brand partners benefit from an additional source of revenue, increased sustainability credentials and the time to grow their brand, safe in the knowledge that our processes are agile, ethical, sustainable.

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25 years in the making…

After years of perfecting our skills and expertise, we are proud to be the leading fashion rental and renewal reverse logistics provider in the UK. From suits and kilts to dresses and babygrows, we have been extending the life of clothing for over 25 years and look forward to enabling the shift towards circular fashion for many more years to come.


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