Rethink Your Returns

with ACS

From cleaning to sanitisation, repairs and reverse logistics, ACS has the capability to process more than 10,000 returns per week. We can get garments back on the shelves to generate additional revenue for your business.

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Returns: Made Simple

At ACS, we already process more than 10,000 returns per week to get garments back on shelves to generate additional revenue for your business with minimal investment.


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Rethink your Returns with ACS

We can get garments back on the shelves to generate additional revenue for your business


The fashion industry has a massive returns problem with up to 50% of garments going straight to landfill with no attempt to keep them in rotation. ACS is perfectly positioned to offer our services to brands looking to change the way they process their returns!

Andrew Rough

Chief Executive Officer, ACS Clothing LTD

The ACS Process

Personalised to suit YOU!

Our process is dynamic and interchangeable, it can be designed with you in mind. We offer a range of services from steam cleaning, sanitisation, and repairs. This means we can tailor our process to work for you!

Our innovative operations allow you to concentrate on the important parts of building your business. We work with the best sustainable businesses which let us develop innovative technologies to streamline our widely scalable process.

ACS will look after all the logistics, and work together to agreed deliverables which you can monitor through our advanced API links which integrate with your existing systems, make ACS the perfect addition.

Our Operation

From cleaning, sanitisation, repairs, and reverse logistics.

We work with your chosen courier to have items delivered straight to our circular fashion hub based within Glasgow’s Eurocentral, where we can begin the returns process.

ACS has advanced ozone cleaning capabilities which remove 99.9% of bacteria, odour, and unwanted germs from up to 45,000 garments at a time.

Any items with particularly stubborn stains are sent to our dedicated spot cleaning stations, before undergoing a wet or dry clean cycle.

After garments are satisfactorily cleaned, and if they require, we have the facilities to repair your returns back to a saleable quality  with an 84% recovery rate overall which keeps the vast majority of your returns in the loop and diverts waste from landfill

Our Advanced Clothing Solutions

Our standard returns process has been successful for leading online retailers, where we have identified a gap in the market.

We now offer the extra support to add digitisation to the returns package as an optional extra.

ACS have invested in a photography studio and in-house photographer. ACS can now process returns and have them go straight from our final quality checks straight to our dedicated photography team.

The team can photograph items based on your specific requirements, and edit and upload them to your chosen platform autonomously. So that you can rest assured that the unwanted returns can find their way into the next generation of consumer.


Getting Started

The current market for returns shows that at least 50% of returns go straight to landfill regardless of the state they are in.

With the help from ACS, we can regulate that workflow, which creates an additional revenue stream for you where you have minimal investment and disruption.

Build your System

You can build a bespoke fully managed returns plan with ACS that suits your business needs.

With our help we will identify your key long-term and short-term deliverables and create a custom roadmap toward circular fashion.


Once your custom returns process is all sorted. That’s it. You’re ready to officially launch as the newest ACS partner!



Recovery Rate



Keep garments in the loop for longer

Are you overwhelmed by the sheer amount of returns you receive?

Partnering with ACS can reduce the number of garments going to landfill.

Innovation in Sustainability

Innovation is key in business. Stay ahead of the curve and start solving your returns problem now!

Brands across the country are struggling with the number of returns they are seeing daily. Our partners are at the forefront of the battle against returns.

ACS is paving the way to sustainably renew these returns. Find renewal paths that work for you as well as the planet. And help develop this into an additional revenue stream that requires minimal effort and minimal investment as ACS is established in what we do, and experienced in helping enable brands to join the circular economy.

Find your solution today

If returns are something you are struggling with, ACS is best equipped to deal with the workload, and with industry experience, innovative technologies, and scalable operations we’re here to support you!

With Damaged returns that can’t be resold at full price; we offer a resale solution that can keep non-salable garments in the loop in a profitable way.

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