Innovate your business model by committing to a circular economy with ACS.

We renew damaged ‘non-usable’ returns and pre-loved clothing to like-new condition so they can be resold and re-loved by the next customer. This extends the life of textiles, diverts waste from landfill, and provides brands and retailers with an additional revenue stream.

Returns processing

Only 50% of online clothing returns go on to be resold. The rest are reused, recycled, destined for landfill, or burned. Partnering with ACS to renew these ‘non-usable’ returns provides a sustainable solution to textile waste and will increase your sustainability credentials.


From pre-loved to re-loved. Our renewal service enables brands and retailers to introduce a resale model alongside their existing retail model. We take care of textile repairs, eco-friendly cleaning, quality control and more, to get those pre-loved items back on the shelf.


Get started in three simple steps

Step 1. Plan

Identify your goals. From processing damaged returns, to fulfilling a renewal service for pre-loved clothing, we can support you in in joining the circular economy.

Step 2. Onboard

It’s not a one-size fits all approach at ACS. We will create a bespoke fulfilment plan tailored to your business needs.

Step 3. Launch

Once launched, we take care of the entire reverse logistics process and renew your clothing to like-new condition.

Increase your ROI with an additional revenue stream

The resale model allows both brands and customers to see the financial and material value of pre-loved clothing.

The Benefits

Increase ROI

Improved sustainability

Local and ethical processes

Increased customer-brand interaction

Increased brand loyalty

Circular fashion solution

A Word From Our Partners…

We’d Love to Help You With Your Renewal Plan