We are delighted to announce that ACS Clothing was a runner-up in the highly esteemed CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards 2023. Now in its sixth iteration, the Awards stand as a hallmark of the Italian fashion landscape and took  place on September 24th at the beautiful illustrious Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Italy.

Andrew Rough, Chief Executive Officer of ACS Clothing attended the event hosted at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan and commented “It was an honour to be nominated for The Ellen MacArthur Award for Circular Economy. For ACS to be rubbing shoulders with Gucci and Chloe our fellow nominees demonstrates how far we have come on our journey of supporting and enabling fashion brands and retailers on joining the Circular Economy profitably and sustainably.”

Hosted by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (CNMI) in conjunction with the United Nations Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI), and  the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, (EMF) the CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards serve as  the closing night of the  Milan Fashion Week, uniting celebrities and industry pioneers from both Italian and International film and fashion.

The significance of this recognition cannot be overstated, ACS Clothing was a runner up in the The Ellen MacArthur Foundation Award for Circular Economy losing out to Gucci. The awards are a celebration of individuals and entities who have exemplified an unwavering commitment to sustainability across various dimensions of the fashion sector, including innovation, craftsmanship, inclusivity, circular economy, human rights, environmental justice, and biodiversity.

The selection process for these prestigious accolades involves a distinguished Advisory Committee, composed of twenty-five eminent Italian and International associations and non-profit organisations dedicated to advancing sustainable fashion. Alongside this, an International jury featuring distinguished professionals and influential figures from the industry play a pivotal role in determining the award recipients.

The evaluation of sustainability within the fashion industry, as well as the final decision on award winners, hinges on a comprehensive ESG due diligence framework developed by EFI in close collaboration with the CNMI.

Carlo Capasa, Chairman of CNMI, aptly captures the essence of these awards, stating, “The CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards represent a pivotal moment to acknowledge the tireless work and dedication we undertake throughout the year on matters relating to responsibility in fashion. These awards serve as a global platform for sustainability activities in our industry, functioning as a collective where industry advocates can come together to construct innovative and collaborative practices.”

Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Leadership and Commitment to Circular Economy

In 2022, a pivotal moment in the evolution of the CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards occurred with the appointment of Dame Ellen MacArthur as Chair of the Jury. Her role, representing the Foundation, brought a profound circular economy perspective to the judging process, permeating all categories.

Furthermore, in the same year, the Foundation introduced an addition to the awards line-up: The Ellen MacArthur Foundation Award for Circular Economy. This accolade was created to honour those who have pioneered the integration of circular economy principles into their work, propelling us toward a more sustainable future.

The objective of both EMF and CNMI remains steadfast: solidifying the circular economy’s role in shaping the future of the fashion industry and elevating circular design to the forefront of the Italian fashion industry’s creative agenda.

ACS Clothing joined the exclusive ranks of approximately 30 finalists, hand-selected from a pool of nearly 150 nominations. Each finalist embodied the pinnacle of sustainable fashion, and their stories  serve as an inspiration for us all. 

ACS Clothing celebrates being a runner-up in The CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards 2023 as they are not just an accolade; they are a testament to the transformative impact we aspire to bring to the fashion industry.