Reflaunt joins ACS as a technology company that is bringing Resale-as-a-Service to fashion brands and multi-brand retailers across the globe, growing massively since their launch in 2018. They’ve chosen ACS to fulfil their retail operations for some of the world-leading fashion brands and retailers here in the United Kingdom.

Combining Reflaunt’s resale technology and expertise in second-hand curation and pricing with ACS capacity to store over three million items at its dedicated 200 sq ft fulfilment warehouse, the partnership is leading the way to help retailer’s resale and become more sustainable at scale. ACS enables retailers to grow their sustainable and circular fashion ambitions providing a complete rental and resale service managing the entire process from its purpose-built facility.

From cleaning, authentication, repair, and photography; ACS takes care of the whole process of returns and resale for all fashion goods and accessories.

Defining and perfecting innovative and scalable fulfilment solutions for the traditional men’s formal hire market, ACS expanded into new markets within the fashion industry and are proud to enable the shift towards usership over ownership. ACS enables retailers to grow their sustainable and circular fashion ambitions through their dedicated 200,000 sq ft circular fashion hub.

About Reflaunt

Reflaunt equips brands and retailers with resale eCommerce and tailor-made branded marketplace technology and operations solutions as well as access to its largest global network of more than 25 resale marketplace partners and more than 50 million second-hand customers.

Reflaunt’s mission is to build a world of positive consumption allowing luxury brands to enter with efficient circular models and motivate consumers to see fashion’s long-lasting value, thereby extending the life of a product and providing invaluable opportunities to re-engage with their customers.

Andrew Rough, CEO of ACS, says:

“The future of circular fashion requires several elements for success, from sustainability in production and material selection to a solution to solving the problem of the U.K.’s returns crisis, which often amounts to clothing being sent to landfill rather than to be resold.

“Another critical element is how businesses manage resale. Resale is expected to outgrow the fast-fashion market significantly over the next five years. With consumers looking to shop more sustainably, there is a great opportunity for Reflaunt to offer a tech platform that dovetails with our operations at ACS.

“For consumers, resale offers accessible luxury and the opportunity to try new styles. It matches affordability, unique pieces and, of course, a sustainable alternative to fast fashion. Resale allows brands to increase their sustainability by introducing circularity into their processes whilst benefiting from increased revenue and customer loyalty.

We look forward to working with Reflaunt to facilitate fashion as a force for good in a manner that is scalable and sustainable, and we are proud to be the backbone to the growth and success of the resale market.”

Stephanie Crespin, CEO & Founder of Reflaunt, says:

“We have experienced tremendous growth at Reflaunt over the last few years and we needed a partner who can provide us with scalability as well as fantastic garment care and ACS fit the bill. Partnering with ACS allows us to know that our fulfilment needs are all met, and we can continue to extend our services with other partners.”

ACS are proud to support Reflaunt on their Circular fashion ambitions.

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