Advanced Clothing Solutions (ACS), the U.K.’s leading circular fashion hub, has been named the first ever Official Circular Partner of Nudie Jeans.

Made with 100% organic cotton, every pair of Nudie Jeans comes with a promise of free repairs. Textile longevity specialists, ACS will enable Nudie to keep their jeans in the hands of the customers for longer, offering specialised maintenance from its team of tailors for the premium jean brand.

The new ACS repair capabilities will be Nudie’s first remote repair service that directly supports the repair teams in the Nudie Jeans Repair Shops.

Ben Lundberg, Supply Chain Manager at Nudie Jeans, said: “We are really excited to partner with ACS, a company that shares our vision for sustainable fashion and that has both the talent and expertise to repair our customer’s loved jeans to the high standard that we strive for ourselves. 

“This partnership enables us to double down on our promise of free repairs forever by increasing the number of quality repairs that we are able to do, hopefully lowering the bar for our customers to keep their favourite pair in rotation longer before trading them in to get their reuse discount and start a new journey.”

Chris Mooney, Chief Revenue Officer, ACS Clothing, said: “Keeping fashion textiles in circulation for longer is the backbone of what we do at ACS, and this partnership with Nudie Jeans is a perfect example of sustainable fashion in action.

“Our team of skilled warranty repair specialists are specialists in renewing textiles, from damaged ‘non-usable’ returns to pre-loved clothing that can be transformed to like-new condition. Our speciality at ACS is extending the life of textiles which ultimately diverts fashion waste from landfill and provides brands and retailers with an additional revenue stream.”