ACS Clothing Limited, ‘ACS’, are pleased to announce that our main shareholder, Industrial Lending, managed by Boost & Co, are investing £2.5M of new equity.  

Rental and resale fashion fulfilment

ACS are the largest rental and resale fashion fulfilment centre in the UK. We enable fashion brands to introduce a rental or resale model by offering an end-to-end fulfilment service. This service is inclusive of warehousing, order management, RFID technology integration, powerful and eco-friendly ozone cleaning and sanitisation, expert clothing repairs, and automated picking, packing and dispatch of orders.

The rental and resale model offers fashion brands the opportunity to maximise the return on their clothing asset and allows them to provide a sustainable consumer offering. In doing so, we take care of everything behind the scenes and the entire process is completed in our state-of-the-art purpose-built facility.

Increasing operational capacity

ACS began as a highland and formal hire company c. 25 years ago as one bricks and mortar store. We have grown exponentially over the years and now operate from an 85,000 sq. ft, fully automated facility, which is unique for the UK. The investment of £2.5M will allow us to increase the capacity of our operations even further as we continue to onboard new partners.

The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of GHG emissions annually. There needs to be alternative options out there for both retailers and consumers. That’s where rental and resale comes in. Consumers can still experience the feeling of wearing an item for the first time, with a far lower carbon footprint. It’s also more hygienic as garments are powerfully cleaned to a medical grade using ozone sanitisation before dispatch. 

A circular and sustainable clothing solution

We offer circular, sustainable clothing solutions at scale. Our advanced technology and expertise, position ACS as the partner of choice for brands looking to; expand their current offering, enhance their return on their clothing stock and improve their sustainability credentials.  

We minimise the barriers to entering the rental or resale market for both emerging and established brands. To offer an end-to-end solution, ACS partner with front-end tech platforms that offer the IT solution and then ACS take care of the order management, cleaning and sanitisation, textile care and repairs and the reverse logistics.

ACS’s aim to support fashion brands, in offering a more sustainable solution has been recognised by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation the largest global network of circular economy businesses. In addition, ACS, is in the process of becoming a B-Corporation.

Andrew Rough, CFO, commented:

‘The fresh investment of £2.5M will allow us to invest further in our world class facility and grow our team to support our existing and new customers. We wish to thank Kim Martin and Richard Hallett of BOOST & Co for their support in obtaining the new funding and sharing our vision to offer fashion brands an alternative to the linear model they have traditionally adopted.’