We are delighted to announce our latest partnership with Goodkynd, a new sustainable baby clothing rental brand.

An introduction to Goodkynd

Goodkynd is a new baby clothing rental subscription service, based in the UK. This service began with the intention to save parents time, money and space… whilst being kind to the planet. Each bundle of clothing includes 10 items from a selection of high quality, ethically produced branded baby clothing. Currently, Goodkynd’s baby clothing rental subscription service offers clothing for children up to 12 months old and plans are in place to extend this product range. The core values of Goodkynd are aligned with that of ACS with sustainability at the heart of its operations.

How it works

First, you select the size and gender of your baby. Secondly, you sign up and subscribe to your bundle of 10 items. Then, your bundle of new or nearly new items will arrive and you can keep them for as long as you like. Once your baby is ready for the next size of clothes you can return your existing bundle, and they will deliver a new bundle of clothes right to your doorstep.

Goodkynd cover any wear and tear on the garments, and professional cleaning upon return. Therefore, new parents can rent their baby clothing stress-free!

Partnering with ACS

By partnering with ACS, Goodkynd are able to ensure that all clothes and garments are expertly examined and cleaned to a medical grade standard. Our powerful and eco-friendly ozone generation technology makes sure that each and every item of clothing is powerfully cleaned and sanitised with little impact on the planet. The garments then come out in ready to wear, pristine condition ready for the next adventure.

ACS also have skilled textile specialists on-site to give items any needed TLC before they go on to be re-loved. This extends the life of each garment and reduces waste that would otherwise go to landfill.

Goodkynd as a brand are determined to develop an ethical and sustainable rental solution. By partnering with ACS they are firmly on the right path to achieve this.

ACS is delighted to be on this journey with Goodkynd and look forward to the anticipated growth in the rental baby wear space.

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