ACS is delighted to announce its exciting new partnership with Second Cashmere.                      

Founded in the hills of the Scottish Borders, Second Cashmere sources and restores beautiful second-hand cashmere pieces to promote sustainability in luxury fashion. Through their unwavering passion for cashmere, and second-hand garments, they have created an eco-friendly solution that helps mitigate the damaging impact of mass produced, unsustainable cashmere. 

Once a very expensive luxury item, you can now find cashmere in many places on the high street and has seen exponential growth in the last three decades. By giving customers the option of purchasing second-hand cashmere garments it helps the environment and reduces the entrance fee of owning high-quality luxury cashmere. Second Cashmere sought a partner that shared common values, has excellent environmental credentials and one who could facilitate a clean and repair service for second-hand cashmere garments. 

That’s where we come in. ACS operates a circular economy by reusing wastewater, materials, and chemicals from our processes. Cashmere garments are treated with ozone to destroy smells, germs, bacteria, and other contaminants – which for second-hand clothing, is a must. Garments are delicately reconditioned and restored using sustainable cleaning methods. 

With a reputation for extending the life of garments – and our expertise in textile repairs and cleaning – we are an ideal partner to help Second Cashmere achieve their goal of providing sustainable luxury fashion (and shrinking landfills!).