ACS is delighted to announce that we will be working with Rotaro to facilitate their fashion rental operations!

Rotaro is a fashion rental platform, founded by Georgie Hyatt and Charles Knowles in 2019, as a solution to the waste produced by outfits that are often only worn once and then thrown out. Rotaro’s mission is to ‘make fashion more circular’ and by providing the option to rent items short-term and send them back to be worn and loved by someone else, this brand is doing just that. Rotaro is known for stocking a wide range of innovative and cult brands including, Alexa Chung, Rat & Boa, De la Vali, Sister Jane and Self Portrait.

What is ACS Clothing’s role in this partnership?

ACS Clothing is the only automated pick and pack facility specifically designed to fulfil rental operations in the UK.  We have over 20 years of experience in rental logistics and garment refurbishment and a team of experienced clothing repair and dry-cleaning specialists that treat and process each garment with care. Our 85,000 ft. facility is custom built for rental operations using state-of-the-art technology and has been used as a blueprint for facilities in the US.

As with Rotaro, Sustainability is part of our DNA. For our white label menswear rental service, ACS has garments which have been rented for over 20 years which clearly testifies to our strategic objective to be a Circular Economy business. ACS has been at the forefront of cleaning techniques and has successfully balanced large volume cleaning and limiting the impact to the environment. 

We have developed our skills over the 20 years, and as a result, we extend the life of each garment for as long as possible whilst ensuring that each item only leaves our facility in ‘good as new’ condition. 

ACS are delighted that Rotaro are partnering with us. We have had a busy week integrating Rotaro into our operations and we’re are looking forward to having everything up and running in no time.