Premium high street retailer Jigsaw launch fully circular luxury rental and re-sale service via My Wardrobe HQ to allow UK consumers the opportunity to rent or subscribe to its collections and sell any of their own pre-loved Jigsaw garments.

‘Jigsaw Forever’ is a fully circular rental, subscription and resale service from the retailer and marks the first brand to offer this fully circular model with My Wardrobe HQ, as it looks to create a more sustainable future for fashion while encouraging customers to explore new ways to shop.

For rental, Jigsaw will offer options catering for the customers looking for flexible short-term rental, as well as through a monthly subscription offering a “dream rotating wardrobe,” while allowing the brand to diversify its customer base.

Through, the British retailer is offering customers the chance to rent its high summer and pre-collections, featuring dresses, trousers, tops, jackets, skirts and shirts in sizes XS to XL, UK 6 to 16, alongside accessories for the “full Jigsaw experience”. Rental prices are from 6 pounds per day.

In addition, Jigsaw is also launching a monthly subscription service with two different membership tiers. For 59 pounds a month, subscribers will be able to plan two items a time, including two swaps per month, while for 79 pounds, they will get four items a time with four swaps a month.

Jigsaw Launch Fully Circular Service with My Wardrobe HQ
Image: Jigsaw

Jigsaw partners with My Wardrobe HQ on a fully circular model covering rental, subscription and resale

Alongside the rental service, Jigsaw is also delving into re-commerce with a customer resale programme, as part of its plan to operate a truly circular model.

With more than 50 years of history on the British High Street and a reputation for producing clothes made to last, Jigsaw estimates it will be injecting up to 50 million pounds of pre-loved stock back into circulation. This is states will help reduce the 300,000 plus tonnes of used but still wearable clothing that goes to landfill in the UK every year.

The resale programme will allow customers to sell their pre-loved Jigsaw pieces in return for a voucher towards new items, explained the brand. Customers will need to complete an online questionnaire sharing the item’s condition with imagery, and then Jigsaw will e-mail them a pre-paid DPD shipping label to send them the items.

Once the items have been inspected and assessed, Jigsaw will send confirmation they’ve been accepted and issue the voucher to use at Jigsaw’s online store. The products will then be photographed and uploaded onto the Jigsaw Forever website and made available to rent and/or buy.

Jigsaw also added that from September 2022, it is looking to launch resale in a flagship store location so that customers will be able to physically hand in their pre-loved Jigsaw items and be rewarded with a credit or voucher that can be used online or in-store towards their next Jigsaw purchase.

Jigsaw Launch Fully Circular Service with My Wardrobe HQ
Image: Jigsaw

Beth Butterwick, chief executive officer of Jigsaw, said in a statement: “Sustainability is undoubtedly going to transform the fashion industry over the next 10 years. Our exciting partnership launch with My Wardrobe HQ not only allows new customers to discover the beauty of Jigsaw via a rental and subscription model, but with the secondary market growing 11 times faster than the primary, it feels commercially sensible to explore re-commerce; this is how customers want to shop.

“Whilst our research tells us our customers value our products, often keeping them in their wardrobes for years, Jigsaw Forever takes this a step further putting the planet and our customers at the heart of what we do. With style longevity over disposable fashion, this model opens us up to a much broader audience of age groups to fall in love with Jigsaw.”

Jigsaw Launch Fully Circular Resale Service

Sacha Newall, chief executive and co-founder of My Wardrobe HQ, added: “Jigsaw is one of the great British fashion brands, it has a history of being a pioneer both in terms of servicing its customers and sustainability.

“My Wardrobe HQ is honoured to have been chosen as the recommerce partner for this incredibly exciting project. Textile waste is a huge problem globally and it marks a new era when a company as well respected as Jigsaw is choosing to tackle the problem head on.”

Jigsaw Forever launches online on July 18, with the option of re-sell launching in key Jigsaw stores from September 2022. Rental and resale also be available on powered by ACS.