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ACS has paired up with the Fashion and Textiles Children’s Charity (FTCT) who have recently celebrated their 170th anniversary as the only organisation dedicated to supporting the children of people who work in the British fashion and textile industry.

FTCT has supported families since 1853 when the cotton weaving industry thrived. A group of textile merchants formed a financial trust fund, to support the children and widow of a former colleague. The trust grew to support more children and attracted backing from celebrated individuals including Charles Dickens, who was our Chairman of Appeal from 1856 to 1857.

The trust grew and so did their funds, letting them help more children of those working in the allied textile trades. Over the years the trust’s work attracted the support of some prestigious figures, including the author Charles Dickens, who was their Chairman of Appeal in 1856.

FTCT Family

How They Help Today

Today, their vision is that no fashion or textile family should have to struggle financially to meet their child’s basic needs.

Financial difficulties can hit anyone, at any time. An unexpected change in circumstances can suddenly make it impossible to provide the things that children really need. We provide a lifeline through grants; a one-off cash payment that doesn’t have to be paid back.

Our support is woven into the very fabric of the industry. From catwalk to curtains, from the boardroom to the shop floor, we’re here for every parent who finds themselves unable to afford essential items like clothes, bedroom furniture or study equipment.

Over the last 170 years we’ve seen fashion — and almost everything else — change, but one thing has remained constant; our commitment to supporting parents when financial pressure turns into financial crisis.

As the British fashion and textile industry has changed over time, we’ve evolved alongside it; we now support children whose parents work in a wide range of related businesses, including clothes shops, supermarkets, launderettes and soft furnishing brands.

Ned test out his new all-terrain wheelchair

For families like Neds, features above, who needed a new electric wheelchair his Mum Sofie knew a grant could help. FTCT were able to part-fund Ned’s new ‘power chair’ which made a huge difference to Ned’s quality of life, particularly during the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown. 

A word from FTCT

‘We’re absolutely delighted to be working in collaboration with ACS clothing – from today, our charity is here to help you and your family. If you’ve never applied to a charity before, our friendly team is on hand to guide you all the way through. So, if you’re worried about buying new school uniform for August and other things your child might need, we’re here to take the weight off your shoulders’.

~Anna Pangbourne, Chief Executive at FTCT

How will ACS x FTCT work?

ACS are delighted to support FTCT in their mission of transforming the lives of children in the fashion and textile industry. Through our collaboration, we hope to make a tangible difference and create positive change with as many families as possible.

FTCT’s dedication to providing financial assistance, grants, and essential support to children and families facing challenging circumstances is truly admirable. They strive to ensure that every child has the opportunity to thrive, empowering them to overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams.

Unfortunately, the fashion industry is one of the worst industries for human rights abuses throughout the supply chain, however, ACS Clothing understands the power that fashion has to inspire and empower individuals. Aligning perfectly with our values, FTCT’s mission resonates deeply with us and how we are trying to reshape the fashion industry. We are honoured to join forces and amplify FTCT’s impact and to help them transform the lives of those in need within the fashion and textile industry.

Our collaboration represents a shared commitment to social responsibility. By working together, ACS Clothing and FTCT are dedicated to making a positive social impact. We are excited about the future and the lives we will touch through this incredible partnership. We will continue to promote the fantastic work that FTCT do and fundraise where possible, such as our School Uniform Fundraiser: ACS Class of ’23 as a part of the FTCT School Uniform Campaign.

Find out more about FTCT grants

FTCT work in partnership with companies across the sector including, retail, manufacture, textiles and laundry services. Partners work with FTCT to both promote FTCT grants to sector employees and donate to support our work. New partners are always welcomed.  Read more.