In a resounding testament to our commitment to enable sustainable fashion, Advanced Clothing Solutions (ACS), Europe’s largest Circular Fashion Hub, has secured a win in the esteemed Marie Claire Sustainability Awards this month. With this well-deserved recognition, we have once again demonstrated our clear role in supporting the shift from a linear disposable model to a circular one.

At the core of ACS is a clear drive to be the leading enabler in the fashion industry’s circular economy across the United Kingdom and Europe. Our innovative approach extends the life of garments, thereby reducing their carbon footprint while encouraging brands to embrace rental and circular fashion solutions. ACS’s processes cover rental, resale, renewal, and returns. Therefore, offering a solution that not only reclaims value from unsellable inventory but also mitigates waste, carbon emissions, and water consumption.

The vital role played by ACS in enabling sustainable change within the fashion industry is exemplified by the array of initiatives undertaken to tackle a diverse spectrum of sustainability challenges. Be it conserving water resources, mitigating the environmental impact of clothing production, or reducing food wastage, ACS exhibits a comprehensive approach that has impressed industry experts and sustainability advocates alike.

ACS Takes the Re-Commerce Category

Among the numerous categories in the Marie Claire Sustainability Awards, ACS Clothing emerged triumphant in the highly competitive Re-Commerce category. This significant achievement highlights ACS’s exceptional dedication to redefining the fashion industry’s landscape by facilitating the circular economy. Alongside Highly Commended brands, and aggregators such as Vinted or The Seam.

Mandeep Soor, co-founder at Bendi and one of the judges at the Sustainability Awards, aptly notes, “It is clear ACS is tackling a range of sustainability issues comprehensively. The range of initiatives to tackle waste – of food, clothing, water, etc. – is impressive, and the solutions to achieve their goals adopt some great innovation.” This affirmation from an esteemed judge highlights the profound impact that ACS has made in driving sustainability and innovation within the fashion industry.

Andrew Rough, Chief Executive Officer, noted that, “We are delighted to receive such a prestigious award which is testament to the vital work we are completing and recognises the hard work our team delivers”. 

As we reflect on our  recent triumph at the Marie Claire Sustainability Awards, we look forward to continuing our role as Europe’s largest enabler of circular fashion solutions.