Long Service Award

Our staff are paramount in the day to day running of ACS (Advanced Clothing Solutions), where they dedicate their professional lives to help achieve our sustainability goals. ACS want to highlight specific long term achievements within our team, on 16th December, we held our first Long Service Awards to honour those of us who have been with the company for over 10 years. 

Our staff were invited to attend an onsite service where we welcomed the Chairman of UKFT, Mr Nigel Lugg, who introduced our long service team members and presented them with their individual awards, with significant focus on staff who have been with ACS for over 20 years where we had a group of 30 join in the celebrations. Honouring William McQueer, Giovannina McLean and Joni O’Brien with over 60 years expertise between them. 

It was a great opportunity to really highlight key members of the team and get everyone together in one place to be celebrated for what they do within ACS, as all our team members have a unique and critical role. ACS function well as a team and without each individual we couldn’t facilitate the return logistics of over 20 partners. 

Meet Joni O’Brien, Our Longest Serving Team Member

Joni has been with ACS for 24 years, she started with the company right after our inception in 1997 and has worked her way through the ranks to become our Customer Services Director where she now managers our menswear rental process. There is no wrong path when it comes to career progression and lots of employees have found success through wonderfully diverse career paths. Meet Joni, who originally set out to work in the automotive industry when circumstances brought her to ACS. Starting as a customer services administrator back in 1998 she is now celebrating her 24th anniversary with us! She has worked all the way up to our board of directors and now runs the very department she started in! It’s inspiring to see how hard work and dedication can prosper and if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything. At ACS we’re happy to be able to facilitate our teams’ learning and personal/professional growth.

At ACS we embrace everyone’s path in life, even offering workplace qualifications for our employees through the likes of Department of Workplace Pensions who actually started the #NoWrongPaths trend, which we are keen advocates of.

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