It has just been announced that Advanced Clothing Solutions (ACS) are the newest members to join the European Outdoor Group (EOG) which celebrate sustainability within outerwear fashion.

Who are the European Outdoor Group?

European Outdoor Group

EOG undertake market leading research, organise and support trade shows and industry events, sustainability and social responsibility initiatives, work to support conservation and encourage and enable European citizens to get active outdoors and provide a link directly to the European Commission.

Outerwear is fundamentally built upon the success of three essential priorities: conducting business in an ethical and sustainable manner, preserving the outdoors, and getting people active in nature. For this reason EOG has helped to found and continues to support the It’s Great Out There Coalition, and the European Outdoor Conservation Association where they help to ‘put something back’ into the environment.

How does ACS operate alongside EOG?

With the help and support from EOG, ACS is able to operate alongside industry leaders, and EOG Partners, in outerwear such as Regatta, Patagonia and The North Face. With access to the knowledge from their incomparable market research teams it gives insight into the marketplace as a whole to help us invest and develop our current outdoor brands like Eco Ski.

The European Outdoor Group Knowledge Hub is a source of information and reference for the whole outdoor sector. ACS can therefore work towards our goal of pre-competitive co-operation to position themselves within an outdoor sector that gives back more than it takes away from people and nature.

ACS can access information and findings available to all EOG members as data is shared equally and can benefit multiple partners such as their annual reports which give a vast overview of the industry performance as well as key insights into developing areas and key achievements that year.

ACS aims to work in collaboration with EOG to enrichen our own outerwear as well as promote our sustainable operations on a global scale with the unique awareness and comprehension EOG have within this growing industry!

Chris Mooney, Chief Revenue Officer at ACS says about the partnership:

“As one of the U.K.’s leading circular and sustainable fashion fulfilment facilities, we pride ourselves on enabling brands and retailers to join the circular economy, and we are looking forward to working with the outdoors industry in a constructive and positive manner to help effect real change. There are great opportunities within the industry to breathe a second life or extend the lifecycle of outdoor equipment, further enabling all industries to operate in a sustainable manner.”

For more information on the European Outdoor Group please visit their website

For further information into ACS’ sustainable processes head over to our Sustainability Page