ACS is proud to announce a new partnership with baby clothes rental subscription service, Graceful Changes!

Graceful Changes is a rental baby clothing subscription service that supplies personalised clothing bundles for children aged 0-6 years. ACS have worked closely with Graceful Changes over the last year to fulfil the cleaning and sanitisation process. Therefore, we are delighted to be the chosen partner to fulfil their entire rental fulfilment and garment refurbishment operations.

Graceful Changes offer a sustainable alternative to fast-fashion children’s clothing that is often outgrown in a matter of months. The business model addresses the growing issue of textile waste, and saves parents time and money in the process. All clothing offered in each bundle is ethical and environmentally friendly. Any cotton used in GC subscriptions is GOTS certified to ensure that the material is safe for your little ones.

Enabling sustainable fashion together

At ACS, all clothing is sanitised to a medical grade standard using no harsh chemicals. Our on-site textile specialists will ensure that all clothing leaves our facility in excellent condition. Garments that receive extra TLC will be listed as ‘extra loved’ online before being removed from circulation and recycled.

ACS in-house operations are sustainable and zero waste from the business ends up in landfill. The entire fulfilment service for Graceful Changes will be completed in-house, reducing the need for additional transportation. The fashion industry alone is responsible for 10% of the worlds annual greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore rental baby clothes not only reduces waste but also reduces the footprint of fashion. ACS are delighted to facilitate this alternative. It truly is a pleasure to onboard another rental brand partner with similar values and we look forward to enabling sustainable fashion together.

Graceful Changes were recently awarded financial backing from Zero Waste Scotland’s £18 million investment fund. Read more on this here.