We’ve signed up to the Sustainable Glasgow Green Economy Hub Charter as a City Climate Champion. 

The Sustainable Glasgow Green Economy Hub charter signifies a commitment to drive significant and demonstrable change in business practices. This has resulted in an accelerated reduction in climate emissions, that contribute to Glasgow’s net zero carbon target.

As a leader in the race to net-zero and signatory of the Sustainable Glasgow Green Economy Hub, ACS will support Glasgow in the drive towards net-zero carbon by 2030. Other leading signatories include Scottish Power, Deloitte, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, Scottish Enterprise, Glasgow Life and more.  Together, signatories will accelerate change by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from their respective business practices and encouraging other organisations to do the same.

Anthony Burns, Chief Operating Officer for ACS Clothing, commented: “At ACS, our business processes are inherently circular. We are progressively implementing changes across all areas of our business as we drive towards net-zero. We realise that sustainability is a journey and that collaboration with leading organisations is key to creating momentum for collective change ahead of COP26 in Glasgow.”

In the current climate crisis, it’s important to ensure the fashion industry in on the agenda for change. We are faced with an opportunity to map a sustainable future for an industry that has been coined as the second highest polluter in the world. Our operations enable retailers to adopt a circular business model that will maximise the life of existing textiles through care and repair – at scale. However, to drive significant change we need to engage, educate, and empower other organisations to adopt a circular business model and reach their own climate goals.

We are delighted to join the Sustainable Glasgow Green Economy Hub Charter and consider this a huge step towards a just and sustainable future for all. 

Find out more via the Sustainable Glasgow website here: https://sustainableglasgow.org.uk