We’re delighted to announce that we’ve just undergone a comprehensive brand refresh. With fast-changing trends and shifts within our industry, it’s important for us – as a brand – to search for ways to stay up-to-date, relevant and innovative. 

As such, we’ve given the ACS brand a fresh, new look for today’s market. This robust visual identity is progressive and dynamic; and it positions us a trusted, innovative partner. The new stencilled logotype is a memorable evolution from our old identity and it’s closely aligned visually with our partners’ fashion brands. The stencil style echoes the industrial and high-tech nature of our facility and processes.

The three equal segments of each letter represent both our company name and our three key business services – in combination, our capabilities define who we are, what we excel at and what makes us unique:



An updated colour palette and typography accompanies the new design, and every touch point has been carefully considered – from the digital experience to physically printed materials. Together with the use of high-quality imagery, our new look presents a fresh face to the market and helps to bring the ACS name and heritage to the fore.

We’re extremely proud to kick off this new decade in such a confident manner and we look forward to promoting our new look this year.