It’s great to see the recent media coverage that our baby clothing rental partner, Bundlee, has been getting recently. Eve Kekeh founded Bundlee in 2018 and has been partnered with us at ACS for the last year. And what a year it has been!

Did you know that babies outgrow 7 dress sizes in just 2 years?

Baby clothing is often overlooked when addressing the negative environmental impact of the fashion industry, therefore when Eve launched her Bundlee subscription service back in 2018, it was music to our ears. 

In a recent interview with East Coast Radio, Eve explained that, growing up as the oldest child in the family, 18 years older than her youngest sibling, she saw first-hand the vast amount of baby clothing that is outgrown, and then later thrown away as waste. This increased awareness led Eve to develop a solution, and from this, Bundlee was founded. 

Bundlee offers a rental subscription service that gives parents the option to rent a bundle of ethical and sustainable baby clothing – instead of buying new – and then swap their bundle for a bigger size as their baby grows. Each rental bundlee saves 3,500 litres of water and 21kg of CO2 emissions!

Partnering with ACS last year has allowed Eve to grow her business, safe in the knowledge that each baby garment is cleaned and sanitised to a standard that cannot be matched elsewhere in the UK, and with little impact to the clothing or the environment. At ACS, many of us are parents ourselves, therefore we know how important it is to ensure that each garment is treated with care and attention to detail. 

It has been encouraging to witness the remarkable growth Bundlee has experienced over the last year. There has been a significant rise in the number of Bundlee subscribers and this has allowed Bundlee to grow their offering and add a range of additional brands to their subscription bundles.

We continue to see growth in this sector as new entrants join and ACS are proud to have partnered with Bundlee from the very beginning.