It is with immense pride and gratitude that we share the exciting news that ACS, based in Eurocentral, has been honoured with the prestigious title at the inaugural King’s Award for Enterprise. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainable development, making ACS the first recipient of this royal honour in Lanarkshire in the past six years. The significance of this achievement was highlighted during a ceremony where our CEO, Andrew Rough, received the coveted trophy from Lord Lieutenant Lady Susan Haughey and Depute Terry Currie.

A Royal Honour for Sustainable Innovation

Our journey has been one of continual evolution and dedication to pioneering sustainable practices in the fashion industry. Specialising in rental, resale and garment longevity, we have proudly partnered with renowned brands and retailers across the UK and further afield. Our roots, established 26 years ago in formalwear hire, have expanded into a broader mission—extending the life of existing textiles and diverting clothing from landfills.

One of the hallmarks of our commitment to sustainability is the development of innovative technologies, including our revolutionary ozone sanitisation method. This cutting-edge approach underscores our dedication to reducing our environmental impact and pioneering circular fashion practices.

Receiving the King’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development is a recognition of our exceptional achievements over the past two years. With a team of dedicated individuals, we showcased not just our commitment to sustainability but also our ability to overcome challenges in pursuit of our goals. ACS was one of the distinguished 15 companies in the UK recognised in the sustainable development category in 2023, standing out as one of the ten Scottish winners across all four sections of the awards.

Andrew Rough, CEO, had this to say about the experience; “I had the honour of receiving the award from Lady Haughey at our facility in Eurocentral, and it is with great pride that we display the crystal trophy symbolising this prestigious recognition. We have also received an official grant of appointment certificate, and for the next five years will proudly fly the King’s Award flag.”

A Celebration of the King’s Awards for Enterprise

As a mark of our achievement, ACS representatives were invited to a royal reception, which was an opportunity to share our story and learn from others who, like us, are dedicated to making a positive impact.

Michael Cusack, Head of Sustainability and business Transformation attends the reception celebrating the winners of the King's Award for Enterprise which is held by King Charles III, Michael is Centre frame mid discussion with King Charles, who has his back to the camera in a blue pinstripe suit. They are surrounded by fellow winners holding champagne flutes in upbeat conversation.
Michael Cusack, Head of Sustainability & Business Transformation, representing ACS at a reception held by King Charles III

This recognition by the King’s Awards for Enterprise in Sustainable Development is a milestone for ACS. As we proudly stand as the first Lanarkshire recipient in six years, this honour not only validates our commitment to sustainable development but also encourages the entire industry to embrace innovative, eco-friendly practices. 

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