Luxury resale site, Hewi (Hardly Ever Worn It) partners with Advanced Clothing Solutions (ACS). One of the UK’s leading circular fashion fulfilment facilities. Hewi, a global pioneer of pre-owned fashion, has appointed ACS as its partner to power their carbon neutral logistics service. Combining 10 years of luxury resale expertise in curation, pricing and service with ACS capacity to store over three million items at its dedicated 200,000 sq ft circular fashion hub. The partnership is leading the way in revolutionising how the world shops luxury.

Circularity is at the heart of the Hewi business model. Extending the life of luxury clothing and diverting waste from landfill. Hewi logistics services will now operate using ozone technology to clean garments; employing microplastic filters to minimise water pollution and recycling the by-product to make building bricks. The ACS logistics facility is located in a developing biodiversity area complete with beehives, wildflowers, a wormery and more.

With a mission to honour luxury houses and drive circularity in the fashion market; Hewi CEO Tatiana Wolter-Ferguson says: “We take great pride in our service offer and superlative product care – it is what our customers come to us for. Luxury items are made to last more than one lifetime; we needed a partner who could join us in truly honouring that, while providing us with a scalable logistics solution following a period of exponential growth. ACS are that unique partner, and together, we are on track to achieve net zero logistics services by 2025.”

Chris Mooney, Chief Revenue Officer at ACS says about the partnership: “Enabling brands to fulfil their sustainable and circular fashion ambitions is at the core of the ACS offering, we like to think we are not only extending the lifecycle of an item of clothing and saving it from landfill, but that we are at the forefront of the resale revolution. Our bespoke ACS solution offers Hewi a complete end to end service for its resale operation, providing them with access to our circular fashion fulfilment facility, eco-friendly cleaning and repairs, automated picking, bespoke packing and dispatch. We are proud to be able to plug those gaps in the resale process and we are looking forward to an exciting and sustainable partnership with Hewi’s thriving resale business.”

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